Michelle Rogan is an Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Kenan-Flagler since 2016. Prior to joining Kenan-Flagler, she was faculty at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Yale University and received her PhD in Strategic and International Management from London Business School (University of London).

Prof. Rogan’s research centers on corporate growth and innovation and the key roles that individual employees play in innovation inside large firms. In particular, she has studied the challenges to acquisitions of social capital (i.e., buying a target for the value of its external relationships such as its clients). For example, in her study of mergers in the advertising industry, firms were more likely to acquire targets that were already connected to them indirectly via shared clients, but in fact these acquisitions performed worse than those without prior connections. Prof. Rogan also has investigated how individual employees’ networks support their ability to explore for new ideas and implement existing ones inside large firms.

In her current work, Prof. Rogan is focusing on the factors affecting the mobility of innovative employees across firms. She is investigating the importance of employees’ status gains (i.e. being an award winner in one’s industry) on their decisions to start or join start-ups v. remain with established firms; and the implications of employee participation in corporate social impact programs for their retention and promotion in professional service firms. Her research has been published in Administrative Science Quarterly, The Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Organization Studies, Management Science and The Annual Review of Sociology.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Prof. Rogan worked for several years as a management consultant at Accenture in San Francisco where she was involved in the implementation of large-scale change initiatives including corporate growth and innovation efforts in global technology firms. The focus of her client work involved the mobilization of sponsorship networks to support corporate renewal efforts in these firms as well as the design and implementation of firm-wide training programs.

Prof. Rogan teaches Strategic Innovation in the MBA and Undergrad programs. At INSEAD, she developed and taught a new Corporate Entrepreneurship elective in the MBA and EMBA programs and selected Executive Education programs. She also has written multiple teaching case studies, including two award winning cases, “The transformation of BP” (with S. Ghoshal and L. Gratton) and “Accenture Development Partnerships” (with C. Bode). In 2014, Prof. Rogan launched INSEAD’s Pioneering Executive Leaders programme for Women Leaders in Saudi Arabia. She also served as co-director of INSEAD’s Social Entrepreneurship Program from 2015 to 2017.


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